appRules Enterprise 360 is the leading all-in-one solution engine – a powerful, unified platform for data integration, migration, replication, synchronization, business rules, process automation, and more…

appRules Enterprise 360 is the result of the seamless and synergistic merging of appRules Data Migration Engine and appRules Integration & Automation Engine.  With appRules Enterprise 360, IT professionals must no longer rely on disparate systems for data management.  As appStrategy’s flagship product, appRules Enterprise 360 offers the most comprehensive package to get end-to-end data management projects completed successfully on time and on budget.

Award-Winning Features Checklist

  • Data Migration

  • Data Replication

  • Data Synchronization

  • Flow Data Migrations

  • Migrate Data Activity

  • Intuitive Field Mappings

  • Data Transformations

  • Data Integration

  • Process Automation

  • Data Quality

  • Business Rules Engine

  • Decision Tables

  • Hundreds of connectors

  • Metadata Manager

  • Conditions Matrix

  • Actions Matrix

  • Workflow Activities
  • Audit Logs & Statistics
  • High Performance
  • Data Source Browser
  • CheckIn/CheckOut
  • Web API
  • Job Scheduler
  • Job Monitor
  • On-Premise & Cloud

Mission-Critical Applications for Your Industry

Whether you are in financial services, public sector, health care, insurance, or other industries that require powerful rules engines for data and application integration, data quality, compliance, validation, and other processes, the appRules Enterprise 360 delivers the unique no-code platform for successfully completing your projects on time and on budget!

The Most Configurable All-In-One Solution Engine

appRules Enterprise 360 is the new benchmark for delivering powerful enterprise-scale, mission-critical, data migration, integration, and automation solutions in an easy-to-use and fully configurable designer. In appRules, no matter the requirement, there are configurations for it.

appRules is the fastest to setup, fastest to configure, and the fastest to ROI!

Powerful & Extensive Connector Suite

Unlike competing platforms that offer only API-interface connectors, appRules Connectors are powerful full-fledged sub-systems offering superior no-code functionality:

  • No-code
  • Metadata support
  • Workflow Activities
  • Toolbox access
  • Action Module
  • Condition Module

  • Custom Queries
  • Configurable Queries
  • Integrated Mapping
  • Powerful CRUD features
  • High performance
  • Security

Migrate, Replicate, Integrate, Automate and Extend solutions for hundreds of data sources and platforms including Azure, AWS, Google, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Oracle, Salesforce, SAP, SharePoint, Snowflake, UiPath and more, using powerful appRules connectors.

appRules connectors are engineered using drivers from CData – the leading source for certified connectivity libraries.

Process Automation, Flow Data Migration & Integration

The appRules Integration & Automation Engine supports process automation, flow data migration, and integration.  Simply drag and drop workflow activities from hundreds of data sources including CRM, Databases, Data Warehouse, ERP, SaaS, etc. to compose powerful workflows.


The Migrate Data Activity

The powerful and self-contained Migrate Data activity offers advanced functionality for performing no-code data migration, data replication and data synchronization. The Migrate Data Activity is the workhorse of the appRules Data Migration Engine featuring:

  • Basic Data Migration
  • Matching Schema Migration
  • One-to-Many Migration
  • Entities to Csv Migration
  • Data Replication
  • Data Synchronization
  • Bidirectional Data Synchronization
  • Migration Templates
  • Target Entities Collection
  • Loader Settings
  • Error Counts & Limits
  • Integrated Notifications

Decision Table Evaluation, RuleSet Execution and More

Configure and deploy decision tables to answer almost intractable data-related questions using the Evaluate Decision Table workflow activity.  And, execute complex rule sets using the Execute RuleSet workflow activity

The appRules Integration & Automation Engine includes powerful business rules workflow activities for composing next-generation decision support solutions.


Compose Round Robin Assignments and Other Workflows

The appRules conditions, actions, workflow activities and project types are very versatile.  One of the many unique project types that you can compose quickly in appRules is “Round Robin Assignments”.  Composing “Round Robin Assignments” projects in appRules is fast and easy.  Simply drag, drop and configure the source, target and iteration workflow activities and you are good to go! Round Robin Assignments include lead assignments, territory realignments, and more.


Groundbreaking, On-Demand, High Performance Features

appRules employs an innovative architecture to deliver blazing fast job execution, lookups, merges, logging, scalability, and high availability:

  • On Demand Caching

  • Source and Target Workers

  • Multi-threaded

  • Parallel Processing

Flexible Job Execution, Scheduler & Monitor

You can run jobs as follows:

  • Directly from the appRules Enterprise 360 home page

  • Via the appRules Web API

  • Called from another running process

  • Scheduled and run via the Job Scheduler

Running jobs are monitored by the appRules Job Monitor


Project Run Details, Data Source Browser, Audit Logs & Statistics

appRules includes several facilities that give you insight into running and completed jobs including:

  • Project Run Details

  • Data Source Browser

  • Audit Logs

  • Statistics

Even in heavily validated organizations, the appRules Enterprise 360’s extended logs and statistics provide the required reconciliation for all jobs.

Data Warehouses & Data Lakes

Use appRules Enterprise 360 to ingest data for migration, replication and synchronization with popular data warehouse and data lake platforms including:

On-Premise, Cloud & Desktop

Deploy the appRules Data Migration Engine on Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Virtual Machines, Local Servers, Embedded Servers, and even the Desktop.

Product Editions & Pricing

appRules Enterprise 360 is available in product editions to suit small, medium and large organizations.   Subscription billing and payment options are structured to accommodate your corporate and departmental requirements.

View the appRules Enterprise 360 product editions and pricing