DQ Studio™ is the powerful data governance, master data management, data cleansing, and single customer view solution developed by appStrategy partner DQ Global – using the appRules Portal framework.  DQ Studio™ by DQ Global removes the constant frustration and waste associated with low quality data.

Building on the foundation of appRules® Portal, DQ Global have incorporated additional data management modules which remove the constant frustration and waste associated with low quality data.  Each of the modules combine to help customers and partners succeed by delivering higher levels of trust in customer data.

DQ Portal modules facilitate: Advanced data cleansing, Record Matching, Single Customer View (SCV) creation and Master Data Management (MDM) initiatives.

With higher quality data, businesses make better informed decisions with a greater level of certainty.   With a solid data foundation, business intelligence, machine learning and AI become viable and trustworthy for predictable results which in turn increase revenues, avoid waste and deliver greater business success.

MRM Process
DQ Studio™ – Integrate | Automate | Consolidate | Cleanse
  • Data Quality Improvement
    Format, verify, authenticate, suppress and enrich data and match records to support the delivery of Single Customer Views (SCV) and Master Record Management (MRM) initiatives
  • Batch Match Engine
    An integrated record matching engine using advanced fuzzy matching logic to identify duplicate records to deliver Single Customer Views (SCV) and Master Record initiatives (MRM)
  • Record Scoring
    Intelligently score matched records using advanced edit distance algorithms, date and number difference operators
  • Master Record Merge
    Powerful module designed to detect the best record from a set of matched records, auto-fill data field values into the selected Best to assemble Golden record.  With a Mastered record, customers are better able to:

    • Auto-Master – Master Record Detection
    • Auto-Fill – Population of the Master from Record Attributes
    • Auto-Merge – Safely Merge Duplicate Records and re-assign linked data
    • Audit Log – Record all events for data integrity assurance