2009, 2023

Coming Soon: appRules ChatGPT Automation Engine

ChatGPT doing enterprise work.   With the release of ChatGPT Enterprise, featuring security, privacy and other options, it is time for serious deployment of AI powered solutions for the enterprise. appRules ChatGPT Automation Engine has been designed for enterprise deployment – generating insightful results for competitive advantage.

3105, 2023

Released: appRules Developer – Powerful Add-On Toolset for Large Scale Data Management Projects

appRules Developer is a Powerful Add-On Toolset for Large Scale Data Management Projects. Finally, implementation teams can now take full control of data migration, data replication, data synchronization, business rules, and process automation projects. Extend your project capabilities by adding mobile and other app types to your workflows. Leverage the appRules actions matrix, conditions matrix, workflow activities and other facilities to deliver robust, enterprise-scale data management solutions. Watch this space... [...]


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