While there are so many reasons to choose appRules Portal over other solutions for data integration, business rules, process automation, machine learning and data management applications, here are the top seven reasons:

1 – All-In-One Solution

appRules Portal is an all-in-one solution – seamlessly combining the mission-critical applications that are utilized most frequently by IT departments and solution providers:

  • Data Integration, Data Cleansing and Data Migration

  • Business Rules Engine supporting Decision Tables, Rule Sets, Actions, Conditions, etc.

  • Process Automation

  • Machine Learning

2 – Technology

Innovative no-code solution based on the latest web technologies:

  • Fastest development. Drag and Drop activities on to the Designer.

  • Extend using .NET and JavaScript

  • Scales without limits – from a single user to thousands of users

  • Deploy anywhere with multiple options

3 – Powerfull Connector Suite

appRules Portal offers hundreds of connectors with built-in functionality for specific data sources.

Unlike other connectors that deliver only CRUD functionality, appRules connectors do a whole lot more.

For example, the appRules connector for Microsoft SQL Server includes over twenty activities – all deployable without writing code!

4 – Free 30 Days Trial

appRules Trial is a powerful system that you can use to do actual work for your company for FREE.

You can easily upgrade to other editions to add additional users and you keep all the work done during the trial period.

5 – Pricing

appRules Portal pricing is unbeatable!

Our solutions are packaged to work for companies and partners of all sizes.

And we offer competitive upgrades for moving from competitor solutions to appRules Portal.

6 – Partners

At appStrategy, 100% of our success comes directly from collaborating with our partners!   Our platinum partners bring domain expertise to specific projects and assist at all levels of the implementation.

7 – Support

Whether you are installing the Express or Enterprise Edition, we offer unmatched support to help you hit the ground running and ensure a successful implementation.