While there are so many reasons to choose appRules over other solutions for data migration, data integration, business rules, process automation and data management applications, here are the top seven:

1 – All-In-One Platform

appRules is an all-in-one platform – seamlessly combining the mission-critical applications that are utilized most frequently by IT departments and solution providers:

  • Data Migration, Data Integration and Data Cleansing

  • Business Rules Engine supporting Decision Tables, Rule Sets, Actions, Conditions, etc.

  • Process Automation

  • Machine Learning

2 – Technology

Innovative no-code solution based on the latest web technologies:

  • Fastest development. Drag and Drop activities on to the Designer.

  • Extend using API or Your Technology of Choice

  • Scales without limits – from a single user to thousands of users

  • Deploy anywhere with multiple options

3 – Powerfull Connector Suite

appRules offers hundreds of connectors with built-in functionality for specific data sources.

Unlike other connectors that deliver only CRUD functionality, appRules connectors do a whole lot more.

For example, the appRules connectors for Microsoft SQL Server, SharePoint, and Salesforce each include over twenty activities that extend functionality without writing code.

4 – Best-In-Class Solutions

The appRules Platform powers our best-in-class product family and white label offerings by our platinum partners.

appRules Data Migration Engine

appRules Integration & Automation Engine

appRules Enterprise 360

5 – Pricing

appRules pricing very competitive!

We offer the only enterprise-scale, web-based data management solutions that can be deployed on Azure, Amazon AWS, Network Servers, and the Desktop.

And we also offer competitive upgrades for moving from competitor solutions to appRules.

6 – Partners

At appStrategy, 100% of our success comes directly from collaborating with our partners!

Our platinum partners bring domain expertise to specific projects and assist at all levels to successfully complete major implementations – on time and on budget!

7 – Support

Whether you are implementing the Desktop, Express, Team or Enterprise Edition, we offer unmatched support to help you hit the ground running and ensure a successful implementation.