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appRules Developer is the premier, purpose-built  add-on that gives implementation teams control of critical details to ensure that large scale data management projects  are completed on time and on budget.

The appRules product family – appRules Data Migration Engine, appRules Integration & Automation Engine and appRules Enterprise 360 pack more features than any other products in their respective categories.  appRules Developer gives implementers the most powerful toolset to control projects and deliver them on time and on-budget.

The Ultimate Toolset for Smart Data Management Implementation Teams

The number one reason why major data management projects fail is because implementation teams work with antiquated, inadequate, and unreliable software toolsets.  Without the right tools, too often, implementation teams scramble to make do with makeshift options that introduce more problems and delays.

appRules Developer is an optional add-on toolset that gives your implementation team access to actions matrix, conditions matrix and workflow activity sources to enhance productivity and deliver a solution that custom-fits your organization.  And you can now extend your data management projects beyond data migration, integration, and automation to include applications such as mobile, IOT, and more using the powerful features of appRules Developer.

appRules Developer Features Checklist

  • Data Migration

  • Data Replication

  • Data Synchronization

  • Flow Data Migrations

  • Migrate Data Activity

  • Intuitive Field Mappings

  • Data Transformations

  • Data Integration

  • Process Automation

  • Data Quality

  • Business Rules Engine

  • Decision Tables

  • Hundreds of connectors

  • Metadata Manager

  • Conditions Matrix

  • Actions Matrix

  • Workflow Activities
  • Audit Logs & Statistics
  • High Performance
  • Data Source Browser
  • CheckIn/CheckOut
  • Web API
  • Job Scheduler
  • Job Monitor
  • On-Premise & Cloud

Leverage the Most Powerful and Configurable System for Data Management

Featuring Conditions Matrix, Actions Matrix and Workflow Activities

appRules is the new benchmark for delivering powerful enterprise-scale, mission-critical integration, and automation solutions in an easy-to-use and fully configurable designer. In appRules, no matter the requirement, there are configurations for it.

appRules Developer delivers more direct control of conditions, actions and workflow activities – giving your implementation team the toolset for rapid completion of enterprise projects.

appRules is the fastest to setup, fastest to configure, and the fastest to ROI!

appRules Developer Benefits

  • Rapid completion of projects
  • Powerful complex web applications
  • Modernize legacy systems
  • Add mobile applications
  • Real-time web
  • Responsive web
  • Work directly in Visual Studio
  • Rich control libraries
  • Leverage C# or VB.NET
  • Actions
  • Action Categories
  • Action Modules
  • Action Types
  • Conditions
  • Condition Categories
  • Condition Modules

  • Condition Types

  • Convert legacy to Workflow activities
  • Convert legacy to Action types
  • Convert legacy to Condition types


Deploy appRules Developer Today to Take Full Control of Your Data Management Projects

appRules employs an innovative architecture to deliver blazing fast job execution, lookups, merges, logging, scalability, and high availability:

  • On Demand Caching

  • Source and Target Workers

  • Multi-threaded

  • Parallel Processing


Product Pricing

appRules Developer comes in a single edition which supports all versions and editions of the appRules product family.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Large Scale Project?2023-05-11T19:33:37+00:00

Large Scale Projects which are the primary targets for appRules Developer, come in all shapes and sizes.  They are characterized by one or more of the following:

  • Massively large datasets
  • Very long-running jobs spanning months or years and involving synchronizations
  • Requirements for integrating several technologies including legacy systems
  • Multicultural, multi-company or multi-agency
  • Heavily validated
  • Complex Custom Connectors
What is appRules Developer based on?2023-05-14T02:54:04+00:00

appRules Developer is based on appStrategy’s application matrix configuration technology.  It gives implementers the most complete and fastest platform for tackling enterprise-scale projects.

Is appRules Developer Required for appRules Products?2023-05-11T17:32:15+00:00

No – appRules Developer is not required.  It is an optional toolset that gives implementation teams additional options for adding extended functionality to large scale projects.


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